Think Studio is a boutique wedding planning service studio and full time event planners in Houston We bring our passion for creativity and our knowledge for wedding planning to you in our work. We work of every aspect of the planning process from the design to a suitable wedding venue to help you experience an exciting day of the wedding.

Welcome to the brand new home of Think Studio Houston, Inc., one of Houston’s forefront boutique wedding planning and events firms! We are the perfect match for the modern bride and groom of today that appreciate the finer detail for a memorable wedding and find they have limited time at their hands to plan for it! We take pride in realizing the vision you have for your wedding by transforming your ideas with the right coordination and planning. Let all the planning to us and go ahead and enjoy your wedding day with your loved ones

Our creativity and degree of customization is a versatile mix of design skills backed with a wealth of experience for you to achieve the look and feel you have in mind for the wedding. A starting point for us are your ideas whether contemporary or modern for a small crowd to a large one. We have plenty of experience that will avoid any mistakes while planning your big day. Reach us today to get started with us today.
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